Benefit from the interaction of four technological factors

fourtec® technology combines four technologies to ensure the greatest success.

Percutaneous Flow Technology

It takes skin hydration to a new level. In addition to stimulating lymphatic flow, it also stimulates the cells. Your facial muscles are gently activated. This increases the transfer of active ingredients into the skin.

Improvement of the penetration of active ingredients

Optimization of skin hydration

Stimulation of cellular activity

Stimulation of the facial muscles

Activation of lymphatic drainage

The energy boost of LEDs and radiofrequency

The combination of LEDs and radiofrequency improves the appearance of your skin in the long term, stimulates the energy production of the skin cells and activates the synthesis of collagen. This allows your skin to fight the natural aging process.

Stimulation of energy production

Activation of collagen synthesis

Reactivation of elastin fibers

Fight against “inflammatory aging”

Activation of the metabolism


Its use considerably increases blood circulation and activates the metabolism. The tissue structures of your skin are strengthened and tightened.

Improvement of the local circulation

Activation of the metabolism

Stimulation of collagen synthesis

Increase in cellular activity


fourtec® is complemented by the integrated Care-Current-Technology. This creates the optimum basis for the activation of cell physiology.

Tightening of facial contours

Stimulation of lymphatic drainage

Increase in cellular metabolism

Activation of cellular physiology

Improvement of the circulation

With fourtec®, we are able to adapt to your skin type to obtain the desired results. During a personalized consultation, we will introduce you to this technique and take the time to answer your questions.