Remove your cosmetic problems in seconds

Despite regular skin care and a healthy diet, unsightly changes sometimes appear on our skin.

Blotches, blood spots, fibroids or wrinkles can become a major cosmetic problem for those concerned.

Thanks to onetec®, this is now a thing of the past!

How does onetec® work?
onetec® treats cosmetic problem areas in seconds with radio waves. Radiofrequency works effectively and gently on your skin in a very short time. The results are impressive.

The onetec® technology allows you to vary the strength and duration of the device’s pulses, and the integrated microprocessors ensure optimal control to guarantee minimal strain on your tissue.

What are the advantages of onetec®?
By converting energy pulses into heat pulses, treatment results are achieved that were not previously possible on many skin problems:



Small veins


Spider nevi

Pigmentary disorders

Age spots


Simple hair removal

How many treatments are needed?
At Skin Experts, our staff members, specially trained in this beauty care technology, will first perform a digital analysis of your skin as part of an individual consultation. Then they will recommend a number of sessions to be carried out in our institute as well as cosmetic products to complement your treatment.

Please contact us for more information about the onetec® technology and to enjoy truly impressive results.