The simultaneous method of ultrasound and high tension gives deep-acting effects with immediately visible results.

A technology that opens up new possibilities.

twotec® combines the simultaneous use of high voltage current pulses and ultrasound at different frequencies. This process, whose effectiveness has been proven by numerous studies, allows the active ingredient molecules to be deeply incorporated into the various layers of the epidermis. The use of twotec® increases the intensity of the treatment and opens up new possibilities for cosmetic treatment.

Contributions of ultrasound

Activation of the skin’s metabolism

Increase in blood circulation

Peeling (Ultradermabrasion)

Sonophoresis (facilitates the absorption of active ingredients by the skin)

Effects of high voltage

Muscle stimulation

Increase in blood circulation

Activation of the lymphatic system

Firming of the connective tissue

Electroporation (facilitates the absorption of active ingredients through the skin)

Fields of application

Anti-aging care

Wrinkle reduction

Acne reduction


Pockets under the eyes

Uniformity of pigmentation

Visible and long-lasting effects, without side effects or skin irritations.

twotec ® not only offers immediately visible effects, but the process also triggers repair mechanisms for lasting results. Disturbing aesthetic skin conditions are improved immediately, effectively and safely with minimal tissue stress.

Experience the cutting-edge technology and enjoy the treatment success we achieve with twotec®. Make an appointment today for a personal consultation.