Elimination des poils indésirables

Removal of unwanted hair

Unwanted hair can be gently and painlessly removed by electrolysis.

These regularly ingrown hairs can be gently & painlessly removed by high frequency. Unlike permanent hair removal with laser or pulsed light, electric needle hair removal (electrolysis) works on white, blonde or gray hair and can be performed on all skin types – even tanned skin.

Elimination des poils indésirables

This form of permanent hair removal consists of introducing a very fine probe onto each hair shaft up to the root, then rendering it inert by means of a high-frequency electrical pulse.

Electrolysis also provides an answer to those for whom other permanent hair removal methods (IPL/laser) are not possible.

It is a very old process, and to this day, it is also the only process that allows the removal of hair from tattoos. Electrolysis requires a little patience but is extremely effective.